Being Vindictive!!!

Bad environments brings the worst out of anybody. Just a few days ago, I posted a vindictive blog to anyone who is not an Ethiopian. Reason, well, I came across a page the scornfully depicts Ethiopia and its people. Well googling further, I came across numerous pages that so much negatively portrays us Ethiopians and my country Ethiopia. I am also well aware and have came across various expats meaning from Africa and the rest of the world and trying to have a conversation with them almost always goes to having to rub shoulders while they are always trying to be totally negative to us! And I always make sure they be in line and try to throw a punch line just to make them feel uncomfortable. However, what I read on the internet on the perception they have and what they blog out rightly about the country they have stayed for more than a year mostly was beyond my belief. They loved our food, our beer, our weather and openly criticized our power supply and the contrast of the scene which was totally fine with me until they left and sputtered their ill bigoted views of us and our country. It had always bewildered me on why some people want to be treated as a special case. Why would you not want to be considered equals among-st your peers. There is a prayer in my country that goes “Dear God, please do not put me above my friends, neither below them”. Well, I blogged a vindictive message without thinking twice! 

What do I feel today? Like Shit! Why? For the same reason that I forgot all about my other friends who them selves are expats and wanted nothing but pure friendship, a good conversation, an open criticism and a pure soul who came all the way trying to make a difference to the life of people who he/she doesn’t even know. With these people, racial prejudice was never a problem. They understand they were foreigners and each one of us were allowed to make fun of each other with no problems at the heart! How can my rage cover the true friendship I had with these sincere expats and just include them with the rest of the rotten expats. I put my self as on open minded person and a very optimist person; and I am. But I just realized that negativity is the root of all evils! It just turned me to those persons who lived within a box, whose world is carved with statements with so much distrust and dislike to other people. The views you have within that box is utterly dark and egoistic that none other exists than the black hole that you live in. Well, I went into that box for the past seven days and man I am glad I am out and living my life again. But I must say what a poor soul they must have.

I just realized now bad people will always rub you in a bad way, and bring out the worst in you. I just realized that I have friends who hated me for my success. So I learned that it always good to remove oneself from a bad environment. I feel so bad for all the pure people out there who really are out there as a person. I hope people understand when reading this that any person with a bad vibe will create a reverberation which will ultimately attack someone and cause sickening of the soul. Hence, lesson learnt for me, avoid those kinds of people!


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